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Established in 2020, Mustard Studio is created from a belief that cinemas are the cornerstones of their communities, engaging culturally and operating commercially. We want to share this vision with cinemas and multipurpose venues, and use our 40+ years of combined experience in venue operations and hospitality, brand identity, marketing and business health to offer unique insight and solutions to small teams and busy leaders.  

Our tailor-made consultancy services cover the brand journey from your customer’s point of view, the 360 degree perspective. We work with clients to develop strong business foundations by encompassing pillars of excellence around brand, loyalty and leadership. We work with companies who constantly elevate their offer and want project support and development to help them get there.

With our roots in the film and cinema industry, we know how it works and what a good result looks like, whether it’s around the bottom line or your organisation’s culture.

We offer light-touch programmes that deliver value for money or deeper dive activity that weds us to your company, or your project, for in-depth strategic objectives.

Whichever option you choose, our promise is to make your business work better for you.